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Thank you for expressing interest in being a vendor for RAGBRAI® in Atlantic on Sunday, July 21.  The following information is designed to answer some of your questions and assist you in filling out the application. We are expecting between 12,000-14,000 RAGBRAI participants to spend the night and it is our job to make sure there are enough vendor services for everyone.  RAGBRAI is truly a unique experience, and we are excited to make the overnight stay in Atlantic a success for everyone involved – riders, support drivers, community members and vendors.

FEES: Registration fees will be due with the application packet, which must be received by June 1.  Food vendors will have to pay a registration fee as shown below.  Part of these fees go toward advertising in the RAGBRAI information packet distributed to riders Saturday in Council Bluffs, which the RAGBRAI committee tells us many riders use to select their meal sites for the next day.  Additional fees include those for electrical service, cleaning deposit and late registration.

Fee Type Amount Who
Registration $100 Cass County non-profit vendors
  $300 Cass County for-profit vendors
  $700 For-profit vendors from outside Cass County
Clean-up Deposit $100 All vendors – refunded pending site clean up
Electrical Usage $50 Vendors requiring access to electricity
Late Fee $100 Vendors registering after June 1, 2019

LOCATIONS: The majority of food vending will be set up just north and west of City Park, the central location for all RAGBRAI activities. Your assigned space will be approximately 20’ x 20’.  Information regarding the vendor route and vendor location map will be available prior to RAGBRAI.  We will have hosts on hand to assist you in finding your vendor location when you arrive.

PRICING: It will be up to each group to set its own prices. The committee will be happy to assist you in making recommendations on prices. In an effort to encourage riders to register, RAGBRAI officials recommend that a lower price be charged to RAGBRAI participants wearing either a registration wristband or Atlantic volunteer shirt.  Please list your prices on the application.

FOOD SAFETY: Final approval is contingent on each vendor obtaining a Temporary Food Service Establishment License AND passing inspection on July 21 in Atlantic.  A Temporary Food Service Establishment License Application will need to be completed and sent to Western Iowa Regional Inspections, along with the required $50 fee, no later than June 1. The application and all requirements must be met before your food service will be approved. The application is included in this document and can also be found on the Atlantic RAGBRAI website, The Temporary Food Service Establishment License Application and fee should be sent to Western Iowa Regional Inspections, 1411 Industrial Parkway, Harlan, IA 51537; call (712)755-2609 with any questions regarding the temporary license. 

IOWA SALES TAX PERMIT:  Vendors with for-profit companies just obtain an Iowa Sales Tax Permit.  For information about obtaining an Iowa Sales Tax Permit, contact the Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance.

INSURANCE: All vendors are required to include a copy of their liability insurance certificate with their application.

HOURS: RAGBRAI participants will start arriving at 10:00 am. Most of the participants will arrive by 2:00 pm. All food vendors must be set up by 9:00 am, so we ask that you allow enough time to set up. This will allow ample time for inspections and for you to be ready to take care of early participants. We encourage you to plan to stay open late, as the band will be playing until 11 pm. Downtown vendors will not be able to tear down before 11 pm.

ELECTRICITY: If you will need access to electricity, please complete the Electrical Power Usage form and include with your application submission. Standard connections are 120V; please indicate if you need 220V.  There will be an additional $50 fee for electrical usage.

CLEAN UP: All vendors will need to pay a $100 clean-up deposit.  This will be refunded after the event, assuming your assigned area has been picked up, trash is in provided trash bins, and all supplies are removed from the area.  Downtown vendors will not be able to break down your booth until after 11:00 pm on Sunday, July 21, even if you run out of food earlier. 

SIGNAGE: Food vendors are responsible for their own signs at their booth. The committee recommends printing neat, easy to read signs that include menu items and prices. Vendors are not permitted to use the name RAGBRAI on signs; you will receive an official RAGBRAI vendor sign prior to serving. The committee also recommends that each vendor has a sign to put up if or when it runs out of food.

WORK LOGS: Logs must be kept of all workers in temporary food stands, voluntary or not, for at least 30 days after the event, in case follow-up of a foodborne illness outbreak is necessary.

ADDRESS: Mail completed applications, with proof of insurance, registration and fees to:

                                Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce

                                102 N Chestnut

                                Atlantic, IA.  50022

Please make checks out to RAGBRAI Atlantic. The $100 clean-up deposit should be in a separate check, which will be returned to you after the event if your area has been appropriately cleaned up.

Thorough planning is key to success. The groups that plan well and have something creative will do very well. RAGBRAI officials have told us that most participants plan where they are going to eat the night before they arrive, so advertising in the promotional handout will be very beneficial. The committee recommends that each group projects how much it plans to serve very carefully, and that you plan to sell out. We want this event to be a winning situation for our vendors and the whole community. Because RAGBRAI will be in Atlantic on a Sunday, please plan ahead regarding your operating cash.  Banks will not be open, and riders will likely have big bills, since this is the beginning of their ride.  Be sure to have plenty of change on hand.

There are a number of food suppliers in our community who want to assist you with all of your needs. Please consider purchasing your supplies locally when possible.  We will have a supply of ice available for vendor purchase near the food area throughout the day on July 21.

PRE-MEETING: Once you have been approved as a vendor, you will be contacted regarding a pre-event meeting to be held in late June. This meeting will cover parking, set up, and other operational information; it is very important that you attend. More details will be provided when the time approaches.

Summary of Requirements

▪                 Application (with registration and cleaning deposit fees)

▪                 Electrical Form and fee (if you are requesting electrical service)

▪                 Proof of Insurance

▪                 Temporary Food License Permit and fee

                  (send to Western Iowa Regional Inspections; include a copy with vendor application)

▪                 Sales Tax Permit (not required for non-profit, civic and fraternal organizations)

Registration and electrical fees may be included in one check; please provide a separate check for the $100       clean-up deposit fee.  Your deposit check will be returned to you after your site is cleaned up.

Thank you again for your interest in being a RAGBRAI Food Service Vendor in Atlantic on Sunday, July 21, 2019.  If you have questions about the vendor registration or participation, please contact: