Atlantic Residents:

Be an Atlantic RAGBRAI Host

Help show how Atlantic treats it’s guests as a RAGBRAI Host.  If you have space to open in your home to riders, a place for an RV or even just a Tent and a warm shower the RAGBRAI riders would really appreciate the hospitality!   You can use this form so the Housing Committee can match you to a group or single rider.   This is a great way to help and meet new people!

Hosting a group for RAGBRAI in your home does not require much effort.   Teams are in search of a place to pitch a tent, floor space, a bed or a driveway to plug in an RV.   Some hosts welcome the riders with a glass of tea or a bottled water.   But it is really up to the host how much they want to do for interact with their RAGBRAI guests. 

And if you need to be gone from home to volunteer at a downtown RAGBRAI event, don’t worry.   

  • “When our RAGBRAI guests departed, I was very surprised to find an envelope with $150 dollars and a nice thank you note.   Not necessary but appreciated.”
  • “We had 53 guests either in tents in our yard or in our basement.   Our basement guests included a man who needed to plug in his CPAP and two retired school teachers.   After our outside guests left, we walked around our yard and were amazed that not one piece of garbage was left behind.   We had told our guests they could leave their garbage on the curb in garbage bags but not one group chose to do so.   They took their garbage with them!   Several of the groups left us gift bags with souvenirs from their hometowns or host gifts of some type!”
  • “Our guests left us t’shirts from their state.  So fun!”
  • “We had cookies and coffee for our guests and had a great visit with them.  This group from Tennessee remains in contact with a yearly Christmas card.  RAGBRAI is a great way to meet new friends.”

You can find the ONLINE form to host RAGBRAI riders here.
The PAPER form can be downloaded and printed from here.

Request Housing:

Requests for housing assistance with Atlantic RAGBRAI have been closed. We are EXCITED to see you in Atlantic in July!

All communication with our housing committee can be done via email no phone calls please.